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Leadership Solutions, Issue #002 -- Embrace Every Possibility
May 01, 2014

Embrace Every Possibility

Dear Leader,

What has been preventing you from embracing new possibilities?

Have you been seeing the new possibilities that have knocked on your door?

If after the new possibilities are gone, never to present themselves again, and by some happenstance way you discover that you had an opportunity that would have been wonderful and you did not take it, you can blame it on only one thing:

"Fear of the Unknown"

It is fear of the unknown that prevents us from seeing and realizing all of the new possibilities that come knocking on our doors. We can't see them, and often even if we see them, we reject them because we are afraid. We are often fearful of success. Sometimes, we are fearful of what we want the most in our lives.

There is only one way to overcome this "Fear of the Unknown". That is to become aware of fear itself, and "Embrace Every Possibility" that comes your way with open and loving arms. This way, other new possibilities will want to come your way.

I salute you, and your honest leadership.

Kind regards, Jerry

Solutions Focused Leadership

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