Spirituality Introduction

In the beginning there was nothing, only formless, emptiness, and darkness. Then the first thing that happened was God thought, and then there was "the Word......" as per the Book of John 1:1, and then and God said, 'Let there be light," as per the Book of Genesis 1:1, the first verse of the first chapter in the Bible.

If you have been reading this website about Leadership, Integrity and Accountability so far, and you have now reached this page, you may be asking yourself the following question:

"What does Leadership, Integrity and Accountability have to do with Spirituality?"

The Answer:


"Spirituality is Everything"

I believe that before God said the "Word......" and then said "Let there be light", there was Spiritual Existence in the ad infinitum of Universes and Galaxies.


And then, God said, "Let there be Light, and there was Light......"

I believe that God is Spirit, eternal, having no beginning and no end.

I believe that God created us in his Spiritual Image, and gave us free will, the freedom to choose.

I believe that God created the "most beautiful and perfect planet" in our Universe for our Spiritual Growth and Evolution, planet Earth.

I believe that in the beginning, God created a "Paradise" on Earth for "Spiritual Beings," so that they can experience life on Earth as "Human Beings."

I believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience on planet Earth.

I believe that "Love" is the most powerful force in our Universe.

I believe that the immaculate essence of God is "Love."

I believe that God is multi-dimensional, and therefore we live in multi-dimensional universes.

I believe that we are "All Connected."(I can prove this to you on planet Earth.)

I believe that we are an experiment on planet Earth, and God intended our existence to be lived with "Love & Respect".

 What do  you believe?


God thought, then there was the "Word..."

Spiritual Frequency

What this implies to me, is that God first created a frequency and or vibration that put in to motion everything else that is.

I have read from many Scientists, that everything we see, hear, and feel exists based on a vibrational frequency. These vibrations are happening at a molecular, atomic and quantum level.

If we accept these Scientific statements to be true, that everything we see, hear and feel in our Universe is based on vibrational frequencies. Would it also not be true for our Souls & Spirit?

OK, so for the sake of simplicity, let's please agree that everything in our Universe that we can "see and not see with our human eyes" are vibrational frequencies. This brings everything in to the manifested reality that we can see, hear, feel and touch.

Our civilization seems to base everything on whether we can see, hear and feel it. If we cannot see, hear and feel it, then it does not exist.

Well, there is a growing number of us, that know that the above statement is not true. Just because we cannot see, hear and feel it with our human eyes, ears and physical touch; does not mean that nothing else exists. Say that to: Ludwig van Beethoven, Hellen Keller, Stevie Wonder, Marlee Matlin, Marla Runyan, Stephen Hawking, Andrea Bocelli, Ray Charles,  Jose Feliciano and this list could go on, and on, and on.

The Really Big Question?

Where Does It Begin, and Where Does It End?

The Answer:

"There is No Beginning, and There is No End!"





The Really Bigger Question?

 "If There is No Beginning, and There is No End;

What is the Purpose of Life?




The Really Big Answer:

"We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience on planet Earth!"

That is it!

I believe that it is all about having a human experience on planet Earth to further our Spiritual progression and evolution.

Some people in our human history got this enlightened knowledge and realization, and did wonderful things for our collective evolution, and some have not.

Throughout the history of our civilization, the human beings that have had this innate intuitive intelligence to understand the universal significance of our existence on planet Earth, have "Done the Right Things" for "All of Humanity."

"Doing the Right Thing" for "All" requires only two things:

  1. Loving Kindness, and
  2. Action

"Doing the Right Thing" does not take in to account religion, race, color, creed, beliefs, country, nationality and or geographic location.


"Doing the Right Thing" means doing what you know in your "Heart" is the "Right Thing To Do." 

What happens when we do "The Right Thing?"




We feel good!

Why do we feel good?

Because we feel this emotional sensation, energy in our heart that permeates every cell of our bodies with "Love". It is in this moment of feeling good after "Doing the Right Thing", that we connect with God.

Every thought, word, action, feeling, gesture is recorded by God's Super Computer. And we are Spiritually connected to God's Super Computer.

Let me give you two examples that are related and connected to God's Super Computer.



1) Our Physical Human Bodies.

Everything that we have ever ingested in to our physical human bodies is maintained as a record by our State of Health. For example, our body weight.

Whatever is your current body weight, at this moment that you are reading this page; reflects everything that you have eaten since you were born.

If you have eaten less, than the amount of calories your body required, you are under your ideal body weight, and possibly thin.

If you have eaten more, than the amount of calories your body required, you are over your ideal body weight, and possibly fat.

Our human physical bodies are biological computers, and they maintain a record of everything that we have ever ingested and physically done.

Our "State of Health" is like a type of physical human body accountant. It keeps track of everything that has gone in and out of our bodies since birth.


2) Our Spiritual Souls.

Everything that we have ever thought, said, felt and done is recorded by our Spiritual Souls. Our Spiritual Souls are all connected on planet Earth, and to God's Super Computer.

So, as Christ Jesus said, "What you do to one, you do unto me."

Our Spiritual Soul is like a type of present Life Accountant that keeps track of everything that we have thought, said, done and not. One way that the type of deeds that we have done or not done is reflected is by our State of Happiness.

Our Spiritual Souls are our Life Accountants of everything that we have ever done. 



The Audit

Well, if we have a Physical Human Body that is a perfect accountant of everything that we have ever put in to our bodies, and then....

There is the Spiritual Soul that is also a perfect accountant of everything that we have ever thought, said and done......

Does this mean we get Audited by God at the end of our Present Life?

I Believe "Yes."

(Picture Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

(William Blake - John Bunyan Plate 13 The Man Who Dreamed of the Day of Judgement)

And I believe the questions that God asks are something like:

"What did you learn?"

"How did you serve?"

"How did you prosper"

"How did you contribute to making Life on Earth better for All?"

"Did you enjoy yourself?"


 What about the Bad Guys (People)?

How come there have been so many bad people that have done so many bad things?

Well, do you remember the story about Adam and Eve in the "Garden of Eden" under the page of Accountability Introduction?"

God had told Adam & Eve that they could eat from any tree in Paradise, except from the forbidden "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." Adam & Eve disobeyed God, and as of  the moment that they ate from the tree, they were cast out of Paradise and into the world, to experience life and death, pleasure and pain, happiness and suffering.

What I believe that happened when Adam took the bite from the apple, is that the Ego was born and came in to existence.


This became the point in our human existential time that we separated from God. This was the birth of "Duality."

What is Duality?

Duality is the "Good versus Bad" in our humanity.

Duality is the result of "Right versus Wrong".

Duality is the "Positive" energy versus the "Negative" energy.

Duality is  "Power versus Force."

Duality is "gravity versus non-gravity."

Duality is "Light versus Darkness."

Duality is "Good versus Evil."

It is the counter and opposing energies.

It is the "Spiritual Soul versus the "Ego".



Duality is the main difference between us and God. We are dual, positive and negative, good and bad, and "God is Singular".

What is Singularity?

Singularity is being both positive and negative at the same time. God is Singular, meaning that God is both positive and negative at the same time. That is the reason that God is the "One, and Only." Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Imagine for a moment, what would happen if you went over to your closest 110v electrical outlet, stuck two wires, one wire in the positive and one wire in the negative and joined the two wires in your hands?

You would have an electrical explosion and probably cause a short in your electrical panel.

Now think about a bigger situation. Imagine an electrical nuclear power plant, and you do the same thing. Connect two wires, one to the positive and one to the negative output of the nuclear plant. What do you think will happen? A horrifying nuclear big explosion.


Well, see if you can wrap your mind around this Singularity concept:

God is both positive and negative times an unlimited number of nuclear power plants at the same time.

Does not compute, right!

It is very difficult for us to understand that, which is beyond our human capacity to understand what we are not capable of understanding. This is another reason, we are human beings and God is God.

We can not see or hear God. The closest we can come to God, is by feeling God. And the only way we can feel God, is by feeling "Love" in our "Hearts".

This is a Simple Concept: Would you agree?

Yet, many people have made these concepts difficult and confusing to understand. Why? "Control"

If you make something seem mysterious, confusing, mystical, secret, opaque, not visible to the human eye and not easy to follow, then you have created the stage for "Control."

If things were taught for the Sacredness of Truth, and teachings were presented for the benefit of "All"; We would then "All" be on an equal playing field and we would "All" have the freedom to chose what we want to do, when, where, and how.

There would be "No Control" and "No Enslavement". This is "Why?" the "Truth" will set us "All" free. "Greed" and the "Absence of Integrity" would not exist.

We would simply be, a planet of Spiritual Beings having a Being Human experience.

So, where does all this bad stuff, that bad people do, come from? 


Spiritual Ignorance

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Spiritual Ignorance