U.S. Air Force Creed & Ethos

(Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Please note the third paragraph.....

I am an American Airman.

Guardian of Freedom and Justice,

My Nation's Sword and Shield,

Its Sentry and Avenger.

I defend my Country with my Life.

The questions that I ask today are:

"What if the real threat to the continuity of "Freedom and Justice" is from within the U.S. government?"

"If given orders to execute (kill) their own people (U.S. Civilians), that they have sworn to serve and protect:

Will these men and women of the U.S. Air Force carry out orders to execute (kill) their own people?"

"If the U.S. Constitution is no longer the Law of the U.S. Land that is being respected and obeyed by U.S. Government Leaders, then what system of government does the U.S. currently have?"

What do you think?