What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is about consciously relating to the nature of spirit which is intangible and not material. Spirit seems to be the divine power or soul energy that is within living beings. The soul is the spirit within us that is often conceived in religions as an immaterial entity that is immortal, separable from the human physical body at the time of death, and is susceptible to happiness or misery in our states of life.

The perplexity of the mind, physical body, and spirit connection is amplified by our emotions. And then, as if this was not enough to deal with, we have the thoughts, beliefs, principles, rules, conceptions, assumptions, fantasies, fears, etc. This is what I believe is called "Human Life".

The simple success of "Spiritual Life" is based (in my opinion) on two elements:

  • Balance
  • Awareness

Spirituality is the knowingness in our hearts, that there is a much bigger world out there than we can see with our human eyes, hear with our human ears, and feel with our physical touch.

Spirituality is living our human lives in alignment with the Spiritual, Moral and Ethical Codes given us by our Creator.

Spirituality is Respecting "All" Life on planet Earth with Dignity.

Spirituality is living Life with the Universal Balance of Honesty and Integrity for "All."

Spirituality is fulfilling our intended learning experience on planet Earth, by living our lives with "Love" in our hearts, for ourselves, our loved ones, and "All" others.

Spirituality is living Life to the fullest on planet Earth with "Ease & Grace."

Spirituality is connecting with God, every time we feel "Love" in our Hearts.

Spirituality is holding people Accountable that inflict harm on others.

Spirituality is having a keen sense of justice, fairness and appropriate balance for "All."

Spirituality is "Doing the Right Thing" for "All."

Spirituality is immaculate "Love."

Spirituality is feeling "Love" in our "Hearts."

Spirituality is feeling alignment with God.

Spirituality is feeling in our Hearts that we have done "The Right Thing."

Spirituality is collaborating with one, for the good of all.

Spirituality is knowing in our Hearts, that we are eternal Spiritual Souls.

Spirituality is knowing that there is only one "Truth" in our Universe, "God's Truth."

Spirituality is knowing that as "Being Human", the closer that we can come to the "One Spiritual Truth of the Universe", the closer we come to God.

"Spirituality is having a Human Experience on planet Earth."

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