Why this website?

The majority of people do not have the knowledge to distinguish between good and bad leadership. If you do not know what leadership is, how can you responsibly endorse, support and or vote for a candidate?

The purpose of this website is

To inform, educate and enlighten people regarding the basics of "Leadership."

●  Bring greater awareness to everyone for the survival of our humanity regarding the root causes of our possible human destruction.

●  Convey the possible solutions from one individual's perspective to all of our world problems.

●  Promote "Peace by all for all" on Planet Earth without distinction to anyone.


My individual concerns:

  • We the people of planet earth have lost total control of what we truly desire as the majority on our planet: Truth, freedom, happiness, decent livelihoods, and the peaceful evolution of all of humanity on Planet Earth.
  • The majority of the people on our planet are being dictated to and being given information that is not based on "Truth."
  • There is a minute minority that is ruling and controlling our planet based on personal agendas of self-gain, self-empowerment, and the self-perpetuation of unlimited control of all resources by any means necessary to carry-out their selfish agendas.
  • The thought of global enslavement is no longer a thought. It is a painful realization based on evidence that this minute minority of inhuman individuals that we have empowered to be our leaders, will not stop for anyone or anything until they either reach all of their selfish goals and objectives of control; or destroy everything and everyone on Planet Earth.
  • "Ignorance" is the root of all evil.
  • It is apparent that this minute minority of inhuman leaders are "Spiritually Ignorant", even when some of them disguise themselves under the cloak of religion. The worst crimes in our humanity have been committed in the name of God.

Solutions that I propose:

  • We the people of Planet Earth must unite. This catastrophic situation of perpetual wars and conflicts that our planet is experiencing is no longer limited to any one country. It is a situational dilemma for all of our humanity. Either we, the good, caring, loving people of Planet Earth stand-up and all unite together at the same time to transform our Planet Earth, to be what we believe that it was intended to be, or we will all perish.
  • "Love" is the most powerful force in our universe.
  • The only thing that I believe that will save our humanity, is the love that we can actively demonstrate for one another regardless of the color of skin, religious beliefs, nationalities, language or gender, with kindness and respect for all.
  • Hold all past and present leaders accountable for their actions in a world court of justice.
  • Clean all of our houses, i.e. get rid of all inhuman leaders, corrupt politicians, and evil corporations as they now exist. Hold them all accountable for their actions in a world court of justice.
  • Restore the concept of "Civil Service" worldwide.
  • Charter corporations only on the basis that they intend to do good for humanity, and their charters must be renewed every year with the evidence that they have fulfilled their charter to humanity.
  • Transform the model of our world from a model of competition to a model of collaboration.
  • Eliminate all offensive armies, and weapons of mass destruction.
  • Restore the sacred concept of family worldwide.
  • Every nation on Planet Earth must have a Department of Peace.
  • All people are innocent until proven guilty.
  • The punishment must fit the crime.

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