Leadership Introduction and Brief History

"Why Do We Do The Things That We Do?"

Our present day humanity has been impacted by a few individuals since the beginning of history. How was it possible, that a select few individuals could have impacted more than 10 billion people through out the history of our recorded humanity?

What special skills did they possess?

How did they manage to have such a powerful impact on their followers and believers of their time period? Such a powerful impact that these followers and believers have carried their torches of beliefs for thousands of years?

What inspired many of their believers to give up their lives for the sacredness of their beliefs?

I have spent years researching and studying, and I have come to a simple one word conclusion regarding all of the above questions:


In the same process, I thought about what were the most important elements of these Exceptional Leaders, and I came up with two primordial elements that seem to have determined everything that they accomplished in their life time.

1) Purpose

2) Believable

Jerry's Top Three Exceptional Leaders that have had the greatest impact on all of our humanity since the beginning of recorded history are:

1)   Moses (1393 BC – 1273 BC)

Moses freed his people from Egyptian Rulers after hundreds of years of slavery. The Jewish people followed Moses into the desert, where they roamed for over 40 years. Moses had a clear vision of his purpose, and the Jewish people believed in Moses.

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

2)   Jesus Christ (2 BC – 32 AD)

Jesus Christ had a divine inspiration about his life mission and purpose. His disciples were so motivated, inspired, and believed in him so deeply that all of them gave up all of their worldly possessions in order to follow Jesus.

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


3)   Mohammed The Prophet (570 AD – 632 AD)

Mohammed was inspired through dreams by Archangel Gabriel. Mohammed was instructed by Archangel Gabriel to spread the Quran by word of mouth. The teachings of Mohammed have given purpose and meaning to Muslims around the world since the 7th century A.D.

 Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The above three leaders all had two fundamental elements in common. They had a definite purpose and they were believable. These two fundamental elements caused other people to believe in what they had to say about life. Remember that in their lifetimes, there were no books, radio, television, satellites, cable TV and or internet.

Communication depended on word of mouth, from one person to another. Yet, the impact that these three individuals had on their peers, people, and cultures was so enormous that today there are more than 20 million Jews, over 1.6 billion Christians and more than 1.2 billion Muslims around the world.

 Many of the wars that have been fought for the last 2,000 years have to do with the above individuals. Today, we are in an almost constant brink of total human annihilation in the Middle East, because we have some of the followers of these three individuals fighting for the same piece of dirt in the Middle East. The followers cannot agree who has the greatest and foremost right to the same dirt.

 I feel certain that these original leaders did not intend and or ever believe that their sacred teachings would ever create such worldwide separation. I sincerely believe that they never imagined a future world so emotionally polarized to the extent, that some present day leaders have become Psychopathic Leaders, i.e. they are totally disconnected from human death and suffering. It seems that the only thing that matters to these psychopathic leaders is absolute and forceful control of all planetary resources.

 Here is the bottom line. There is no religion, faith, color of skin, race, nationality, culture or language, when it comes to:

Doing the Right Thing!

In our hearts, everyone on this planet, knows what is the right thing do.

The question that I ask is:

"Why Do We Do The Things That We Do?"


What is your life purpose?

Are you a Believable Leader?

How have you influenced and or impacted your network of people?

What type of leader are you?

Do people under you, do things out of fear?

How have you empowered people to be their best?

What is your Leadership Style?

Do you deliberately devote time to Leadership Development Skills?


Do you do the right thing? This is a silent question. No one needs to hear your answer, because you have listened to the answer before you have even verbalized it to the world.

Next time that you are confronted with a situation, let your consciousness drop down in to your heart, and ask yourself:

What is the right thing to do in this situation?

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